Beyond Vision

Smart Assembly

Smart Assembly Establishes Long-Term Relationships.

Beyond Vision works with a number of companies that have been customers for decades.
There’s a good reason why.

Good partnerships make strong businesses. The connection of great service and quality products for Beyond Vision’s customers translates into bonds that go back over 80 years in some cases.

Beyond Vision uses a poka-yoke system to assemble an electrical switch plate for Phoenix Lighting. Poka-yoke is an element of lean manufacturing that “mistake proofs” assembly processes.

A woman is holding a drill on a piece of metal that is mounted on a workbench. She is wearing glasses and has on a red sweatshirt.What’s interesting is that it originated in Japanese manufacturing to prevent human error. Beyond Vision uses the technique to make assembly jobs possible for people who are blind or visually impaired!

From the initial planning stages to the work station design, our engineers help develop the work process for every project. This level of care makes our process efficient, virtually error free and keeps customer orders on time.

Julius and Renee are working at a machine that takes the parts they assembly and bags them.

Since 1944, Phoenix has specialized in designing and manufacturing lighting fixtures for the world’s harshest environments. Over seven decades later, Phoenix is the most trusted lighting manufacturer for heavy equipment, corrosive conditions, hazardous locations and other demanding applications.

Contact Linda Hapka, to learn how our workforce of people who are blind or visually impaired can help you make a long-term impact!

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